First Organization in India to offer training solutions integrating Neurometrics, Biometrics & Psychometrics


Our services include:

-Knowledge Consulting
-Image Building
-Event Management
-Employee Engagement


Capacity Builder

AI-Based Training
L&D Centre-Internationally Acclaimed
FACE™-Decode Techniques

RIPE eXen- Our Value Proposition to Client

Since our foundation in 1997 our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences.

We strongly believe in giving our best at every level. RIPE stands apart from similar players in delivering strong value proposition from stage one and day one. It is always a pleasure to give more to clients than their expectation. This is possible because RIPE team is a combination of experience and energy. We are proud to say RIPE is eXeN

We provide high quality and cost effective services.
AI-Based Training

L&D Centre-Internationally Acclaimed

FACE™-Decode Techniques

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Who We Are

Corporate culture is the crest that assures the business success. What if we claim to have the methodologies which are practical and prominent for sustained establishment in corporate universe! This is what that helped our clients on their performance and success.

Training is a core practice to attain the durable competitive advantage in any business. When it is compatible with adult learning, the ability of the participants to relate what they know to what they learn, businesses achieve their targets. We inculcate these skills through proven practices. We give superior focus on designing and developing the soft skill programs for high performance. Participants attain a competitive state when we personalize the program. So we plunge into analyzing the participants’ learning abilities to position in first place while developing the program. That produces the desired results.

Emotional intelligence is the essence of enriched career development we are mastered to train. In this order, we emphasize some of the primary training needs our clients have adopted and transformed. They are ‘organizational belongings, coherent communication, business etiquette, etc’. In particular, we are one among the few authorities in ‘design thinking, behavioral psychology and research methodology’. We are the first certified training company from Harrington & Associates. Though our business principles are constant, we continuously update our training techniques to uplift the workforce and their performance.

Our Vision

To become the most innovative and futuristic skill development global training organization.


Ensure human resource skill and competence to be the highest mastery for decision making and make technology a productive catalyst for human growth.

Provide training to meet quality objectives established by the clients for training program

Enhance the skill of the participants through value based training.

Ensure post training follow up and fill the grey areas experienced by the participants during implementation of learning inputs desired through training.

Treat participants as consumers and not customers by focusing on end users ROI Provide training with a blend of ancient and modern management principles.

Help the participants to focus on the power of inner consciousness and self belief by assisting the participants to self introspect after every program.


RIPE Consulting Services Private Limited will continuously improve its efforts to transform individuals, employees and groups to achieve productivity and growth, by providing quality training at all levels, with a blend of modern and ancient management techniques, which are innovative, simple and easy to follow and which are designed to leave a long term impact.


Work in mutual vibration to enable our clients to find the most practical solutions to achieve transformational excellence in their teams.

Step in as organization’s internal member by which we become a mentor to our clients.

Encourage clients to give immediate feedback to reverse non synergies thereby assuring our commitment to the clients at all times.

Our central content development team travels with the wind and every year we ensure updated contents matching to the current requirements and needs.

RIPE Trainers undergo regular training program and MDP’s this enables RIPE as a unit achieving continuous improvement and excellence which in turn translates to greater ROI to clients.

Deliver learn through action program, by way of activities, games, case studies, role play and create an unique simulation experience that allows participants to test try the concepts immediately and this avoids long refresher programmes and repetition of topics.


“Contemplative, Intelligence, Ability to upgrade fellow Human and positive societal consciousness are the hallmark qualities of our Leadership Team”

Mr. Rali Panchanatham
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. K.Lakshmi BPT, MIAP, MS
Managing Director